You can now help us to raise funds for the charity without it costing you a thing!  These two websites have been set up to make it ultra-easy for you to support Petals, while doing your online shopping.


Just click through to your chosen retailer using the links on either one of these websites, and the retailer will pay commission to the charity based on the value of your purchase.  It costs you nothing, in fact sometimes you can receive extra discounts by shopping via these sites, so please, please, please bear this in mind when you’re doing your Christmas shopping!  And don’t forget to tell your friends to use these links too!

Petals would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Rosie Robles-Garcia for setting up these websites for us.  Rosie has previously donated to the charity, and has now provided us with a way to quickly raise more funds.  This is fantastic, thank you Rosie!