Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR)

Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR)

Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR)

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Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR)

DEFINITION: The ending of (what is most often) a wanted pregnancy due to results from antenatal testing. Although there is not currently any robust data on the numbers of TFMRs every year, from the available statistics it is estimated that at least 5000 happen in the UK every year.    


  • Shock, confusion, disbelief, panic

  • Regret, fear, despair

  • Anger, rage, guilt, shame


  • Why me/us?

  • What did I/we do wrong

  • This cannot be true, there must be a mistake

  • What if the doctors have got it wrong

  • I am a bad person

  • I am being punished

  • How do I live with the decision I have made…

How Petals can help:

Having a safe space to work through this turmoil of emotions with an experienced professional counsellor quite simply enables couples to move forward from such a devastating experience, in a healthy way.

The counselling relationship is the place where the residue of toxic guilt feelings can be processed, and the internal conflict around choices made can be worked through. This helps to unlock the more natural grieving process meaning that couples can then connect with their feelings of sadness, understand their loss and what it means to themselves and each other. Through this process, the future emerges, and hope and trust in their future becomes possible.