We have some fantastic photos to show you of a team of fundraisers who completed the Spartan Race this month to raise funds for Petals.  The team was organised by Amelia Grant and her husband, Ben, who wanted to raise money for Petals in memory of their daughter, Isabelle.

Amelia gave us an account of their day in an email to us after they had cleaned themselves up (!):

“Well we did it! It was absolutely brilliant. We all loved every minute. It was tough in parts, a couple of minor injuries, but in all, such a brilliant event and day. I have now seen areas of Milton Country Park that I had never expected too. I don’t know how I will get away with not allowing Billy to play in the ditches anymore, especially as mummy and daddy were able to play in them all afternoon, in all the mud. The mud was amazing…..we were covered!

Even more amazing is what we have raised for Petals and I am so thrilled. We have raised over £1000 and at the moment it is still coming in….”

The total raised now stands at £1050.  This is an amazing amount of money for which we are incredibly grateful.  And we are so glad to hear that the team all had fun while doing it – making it so much more worthwhile!  Thank you Spartan team! :-)


Spartan Start

Spartan Ben & Pixie

Spartan Atkins

Spartan Monkey Ben

Spartan Monkey Amelia 3

Spartan Monkey Matt

Spartan Amelia

Spartan Monkey Mark 3

Spartan End 1