Emma and James Strachan came to Petals for support following the inquest into the neonatal death of their beautiful baby Bonnie in January 2015.

Our Chief Exec Karen Burgess watched the Look East news one evening, reporting on their inquest, and recognised the traumatised expression on Emma and James’ faces as they told the news reporter how devastated their lives had been by the tragic loss of Bonnie.

Karen immediately contacted their Solicitor Guy Forster to suggest that he may be able recommend the counselling support of Petals to Emma and James, which he did and a few weeks later they were making the long journey from their home in Suffolk to meet Karen for their first counselling session.

Despite having told their story to many people, many times, Emma and James found enormous benefit in talking about it again, but in a different way; with Karen they were able to process their story emotionally and connecting with their feelings – feelings that they had needed to block in order to get through the inquest. But together in the safety of the counselling room, they were able to acknowledge the horror, the struggle and the pain and begin to free themselves from the trauma, and connect more with the love that they feel, and will always feel for Bonnie.

So to celebrate their beautiful daughter’s memory Emma and James recently organised a special day that started with ‘Songs of Spring’ at a local church for family and friends. This was followed by afternoon tea in the orchard at their home, lovingly planted and nurtured by the family and named ‘Bonnies Wood’.

A collection in aid of Petals on the day totaled an incredible £1000.75p!  We know that Emma and James wish to support Petals in any way that they can, and this donation is very gratefully received – THANK YOU!