August 22nd 2011 saw the first official get together of the Trustees for Petals.  Much has already happened ‘behind the scenes’, so it was good to get everyone together to catch up with progress.

Although Petals has now been registered as a charitable company, it cannot be recognised by the charities commission until we have £5000, so that sets our first major fundraising target!  Everyone was already talking about fundraising ideas to get us started, and we discussed the various other funding options that might be available to us.  All very exciting stuff!

We also outlined who was officially responsible for what amongst the trustees, naming Miranda as Chairperson, Esther as temporary Treasurer, and Karen as Chief Executive.

There was a really good, hopeful buzz about setting this company up and being able to establish a counselling service that is available to everyone, something that is close to the hearts of all of the trustees.