Miranda kicked off the fundraising this month with a table top sale in a church … here she tells us how it went and exactly how cold it was!
 “On a very wintry February morning, me and Mum met at the church wearing pretty much every item of clothing we owned in order to keep warm! We had been overwhelmed with donations from friends and family and had some really good quality stuff to sell.  We managed to grab the biggest table next to the altar and used the choir seats to display our posh scarves. I think we might have got a bit ripped off at the beginning of the day – some more experienced buyers turned up before the sale officially started and worked hard to buy their chosen goods for a good price! Our plan was to sell as much as we could though, and I think it worked! There was a fairly steady flow of visitors to the sale throughout the day and my dad kindly kept us fuelled up with tea and cakes! I grew up in Haslingfield so it was really nice to catch up with old friends as well as spread the Petals word! I’d definitely recommend doing a table top sale, it was an easy and fun way of raising money in a few hours. We still have a garage full of stuff for the next sale so any volunteers to take some of it off our hands would be most welcome!”
Over 200 people attended, and paid anything from 50p to £10 for a range of items ranging from a pair of binoculars to a clay cat!Organiser Val Steel said: ‘This was a really great event and we are pleased to have raised over £100. It was quite an easy event to organise, thanks to all the donations we received from our friends and family, and a great way of raising funds for Petals!’
The event raised over £100 for Petals, and also gave us chance to let people know what we are trying to achieve with the charity.  If anyone is interested in doing a similar event, please email [email protected], we’d be happy to help you get started!