At our meeting last week we were very excited to hear (and, more importantly, see!) how the plans for the website are coming along.  Miranda has had further meetings with Mobas and she was able to bring some screenshots along to show the rest of the team.  It is all looking fantastic.  It is frustrating that it is taking longer than we had hoped, but Mobas are giving us their services free of charge, and we are therefore having to fit around their other work.  But we know they are working very hard on it and we can’t wait to see it all come to life!

We were also able to see the marketing materials that Mobas have come up with, a snazzy folder and letterhead and a potential flyer.  All are looking great with our lovely logo!

We had some very encouraging news about lots of people that are doing fundraising for us, including a gig to be held in Histon on 28th April, with a 60’s band.  We’ve had lots of really good feedback about the idea of the charity and many people wanting to lend support.  We know we’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us to get this set up so we are really encouraged to know that so many people are behind us already.  Thank you!