We have been discussing the idea that the Petals charity needs a patron to help us to champion our cause. Someone who could help us to raise our profile and help to highlight the importance of the work that we wish to do.  We would hope to find someone who has had personal experience of trauma or loss in pregnancy or birth in the past, as they would therefore understand the critical importance of the support and counselling that we are aiming to provide.

However, as this is such an incredibly sensitive subject, we are struggling to figure out how we ‘recruit’ for such a role.  Most of the trustees of Petals have had experience in one way or another of the trauma associated with miscarriage or stillbirth, and we understand the pain that can be carried for a long time after the event.  It is therefore difficult to approach someone and make reference to such an event without causing some pain in the recollection, and this we would rather not do.  So… it feels like we may have to wait for someone to approach us.  Someone who has suffered in the past but is now ready to try to make a difference for other couples who will suffer in the future.

This post, therefore, is to help get the idea ‘out there’, in the hope that the right person might see this and get in touch.  We would be very grateful for any help.  This charity wants to build a national network of professional counsellors and volunteers to provide support and counselling to anyone who suffers trauma or loss during preganancy and birth, regardless of their ability to pay.  If there is anyone out there reading this who could help us to reach our goal, please, please contact us!