As members of the Maternity Mental Health Alliance, we are committed to the Everyones Business Campaign which seeks to highlight the lack of consistency in perinatal mental health services across the country.  It is part of our aim at Petals to raise awareness of the need for mental health support for women and couples during pregnancy and beyond.  Tragically pre- and post-natal mental health issues often go unrecognised and undiagnosed, causing further long-term problems.  The correct support
can make all the difference to women and families and even save lives.

The following film follows the stories of six women who have struggled with perinatal depression or post-partum psychosis.  All were supported by the Perinatal Mental Health Service which is provided by the Devon Partnership NHS Trust.  The film was made to raise awareness and understanding of the effects of perinatal depression, but it also shows how women who have had the correct support at this vulnerable time have been able to recover quickly and move on with their lives.

Watch the film here…