Karen and Miranda started out by having a meeting with an advisor at Cambridge Council for Voluntary Services.  The advisor helped them to work out which constitution to use for the charity, and advised them on a lot of the legalities that they had not yet considered.

The pair had wrestled with many different ideas for names, at one point deciding on ‘Phoenix Foundation’ but then when they checked with the Charities Commission they found a number of charities already established with that name!  It was in June 2011 that the name Petals was thought of, Karen and Miranda had given themselves a very short timespan (a day!) to think about a name, and Karen was out for a meal with her husband, when Karen had a ‘moment of magic‘!  She texted Miranda immediately, who confirmed she loved the idea.  Karen then rushed around one afternoon before going on holiday to get everyone to sign the necessary documentation to send off the registration forms.  On July 25th 2011 the charitable company named Pregnancy Expectations Trauma And Loss (known as Petals) was registered.