We are really grateful to Ursula, who held a ‘cuppa and a cake’ day for her friends last week, and managed to raise £200 for us in doing so!

Ursula wanted to support the Petals charity as she had previously lost a baby during pregnancy.  In her words, she “was just fortunate to be able to pay for the support that I needed to help me regain strength to face the world again”.  Ursula has since had another baby, and she chose to hold this event while on maternity leave because “I want to do what I can to help Petals to support people who are struggling through situations similar to mine”.

On the day, Ursula supplied the tea and coffee, and she and a few friends baked cakes for the event.  Over the course of the day 20 mums visited (Ursula had the fantastic idea of staggering arrival times to account for the fact that she doesn’t have much room in her lounge!), and others who could not make it supported her by making donations.  She also ran a mini raffle to help boost donations, and handed out our leaflets to help to spread the word about the charity.

Ursula says: “Friends were very generous as they knew how much I had been supported by my counsellor and felt so lucky to be off on maternity leave when so many other women would love to be.  I hope this money will help support Petals and someone out there will benefit from it.”

Indeed, the £200 raised will help to pay for another couple who have experienced devastating pregnancy loss to receive counselling support.  Many thanks to Ursula and her friends for their efforts.

If you are interested in holding a similar event, please get in touch with us, or look at our Become a friend of petals page.