The amazing efforts from our supporters continues! Tracy Hutchison, of Beach Babies Children’s Nursery in Cambridge, decided to run the Cambridge half-marathon this year to raise funds for Petals – here she tells us all about it:

“I started running 1.5 yrs ago after standing around watching my 10 year old child do parkrun for a few weeks. I am not a natural runner! I did the half marathon in 2012 when it was warm and sunny, it took 2hrs 39ins.

This year the race was tough, I had a cold (I had a temperature of 38.5 C that morning), and the weather was awful. However, the first 7 miles went very well and very fast. The next 3 were OK, but the last 3 miles were very tough. With hindsight I was very cold, I had gone very pale (I usually resemble a tomato), stopped sweating and felt very faint, in fact those miles felt like the toughest thing I have ever done physically. This photo was taken near the end of the run, I look very pale!

Cambridge half marathon

I was fine as soon as I stopped and put on more layers and ate all the contents of the goody bag. I was really pleased with my time, 2hrs 11mins, so much faster than last year!

I came home to lunch cooked by the youngest 3 children and then dinner by the eldest when she got back as well as tea and a hot bath. I couldn’t have asked for a better reward!

I chose to raise funds for Petals because I have had friends and parents at work (I run a nursery school) who have had stillbirths. Also one of my staff members had a termination due to abnormalities and seeing how she coped considering it had taken her 2 yrs to get pregnant and she hasn’t got pregnant since I realised how much more could/should be done to help parents in similar situations.

We are a small nursery, it is literally at the bottom of my garden and I emailed the parents with information about running the half marathon and about Petals and they have donated about £400 (before gift aid). I was really pleased with their support and it made the run all the more bearable!”

Our heartfelt thanks go to Tracy for venturing out in the cold last weekend, and to everyone who donated to the cause. Thank you!