On Tuesday 25th October MPs will come together for the annual Baby Loss Awareness Week debate in Westminster.

This year’s debate will focus on staffing shortages in maternity care. Safe and sustainable staffing is important, not only for safety, but also to ensure personalised compassionate bereavement care when a baby dies.

A recent survey found that bereavement midwives have on average only two hours allocated to each loss, including direct care, liaising with funeral and counselling services, and administrative support. This is woefully short of the support that bereaved parents need.

Thanks to pressure from the baby loss community, the Government have recently announced some extra funding for bereavement care. This is a good start but falls short of what is needed to make a difference to all bereaved families. We need to ask them to do more. Help all of us in the baby loss community with this campaign and contact your MP asking them to attend the #BLAW debate. Contact them HERE.