During Babyloss Awareness week we have joined forces with other baby and pregnancy loss charities to raise awareness of the losses which affect one in five families in the UK.  We want to reduce the number of people who have to deal with their loss and their grief alone, by making the subject matter less of a taboo.  Friends and families often struggle with knowing how to support the parents of a baby who has died, and we hope that by sharing these stories and by bringing the subject to the forefront of people’s awareness, we might be able to make it easier to support someone you know who has experienced such a loss.

Over the past week we have been sharing stories on Facebook that people have generously shared with us of something that has helped them to cope when they lost their baby. We are publishing these stories here, and they can also be found, alongside others, on the baby loss awareness website (https://babyloss-awareness.org/your-experiences)

If you have experienced a loss and would like to share your story here, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]. If you need to speak to a counsellor, please call us on 0300 688 0068, or email [email protected].


Thank you so much to everyone who has chosen to share their stories with us this week.