Dee Scadden, Chair of Trustees

Pregnancy loss or trauma happens unexpectedly to couples in all walks of society, and the impact is devastating…. made worse by the fact that people just don’t talk about baby loss, which can make getting help difficult. The support that Petals provides is key for helping people to make sense of what’s happened to them, and to help them believe again in a positive future. Importantly, Petals also aims to raise awareness about issues surrounding pregnancy loss, so is really helping to dispel the taboos and to expose the ‘hidden world’ of pregnancy loss that many people find themselves trapped in.

I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and have two young children. I am committed to working with Petals as I have seen the devastation that pregnancy loss brings to couples and their families, and am passionate about helping Petals develop strategies to ensure that counselling is freely available to anyone in need of support.  It is a privilege to be involved in such a dynamic charity that has brought empathy and understanding to so many lives… the unique service that Petals provides is absolutely unparalleled.