Make a donation for counselling

Petals is a registered charity, and to enable us to support as many parents as we do, we rely on funding from donations and grants. However, we always receive many more requests for help than we can afford to support and sadly we have to turn away parents who need our help. 

We  provide a free specialist counselling service  to all  referrals from our 10 hospital partners.  As the hospital that provides your care is not in partnership with Petals, we request a contribution towards the cost of each session, but only if you feel able to afford this. 

Each session costs Petals £70 and any amount is greatly appreciated as it would free up our income to support more parents who need our help.

Make a single Donation (via debit/credit card) :

“No parent ever forgets their loss, it’s there with you every day, but the invaluable support from  Petals provides the tools you need to survive.”

Andrew Judd, Petals Client